AdaptaLogix is an ERP consulting company focused exclusively on small biotech/ pharmaceutical companies.

Founded in 2016, AdaptaLogix’s managing partners, James Neal and Allan Katsock, established the company after spending 30+ combined years working with and in the biopharma industry. After years of working with pharmaceutical and biotech organizations of various sizes and scopes, it became clear that the smaller pharmaceutical/ biotech organizations were underserved in the ERP arena. Most, if not all, software packages marketed to this segment as next generation growth solutions were geared toward large pharmaceutical organizations, and were expensive, difficult, and time-consuming to implement for smaller companies. Katsock and Neal founded AdaptaLogix to meet the need to deliver cost -effective and timely results to these growth-oriented, smaller players.

AdaptaLogix combines the industry expertise Neal and Katsock have garnered from their work within this niche with NetSuite’s flexible ERP solution. This dynamic combination of industry expertise and customized software has enabled AdaptaLogix’s clients to have a NetSuite ERP system specifically tailored and customized to their unique organizational needs. Compared to the competition, AdaptaLogix’s NetSuite for Pharma solution gives our clients the competitive edge they need to succeed by delivering fast implementation, less risk and reduced costs.