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Commercial Analytics

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Our Commercial Analytics services group specializes in converting disparate sources of information into relevant and actionable insights for robust and rapid decision making for sales professionals. We help you glean traditional insights from structured and unstructured data sources. 



Segmentation and Marketing

Experienced Experts

  • Determination of Nature of Segments, Variable Selection & Technique Selection
  • Segmentation expertise: Cluster analysis, Latent class analysis, k-means clustering, Principal component analysis, Multidimensional scaling, CHAID, CART, Random forests
  • Data Expertise: Sales Force, CMS, Data.Gov, Symphony, IMS, Formulary, Lives & Unstructured data

Sales Force Effectiveness

Measure, Track and Act

  • Physician segmenting and target list generation
  • Sales modeling
  • Forecasting
  • Sales force sizing & Restructuring