Implementing an FP&A Solution?

Posted On: October 13, 2016

Corporate Performance Management or CPM is, essentially, a new classification for the tools used in the FP&A function.  Recently we’ve also heard the phrases Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) and Business Performance Management (BPM) used to define those same tools.  Like any other classification (think ERP), this is a large bucket that many software tools are thrown into.  In this post, we’ll talk about what CPM means for a development stage and/or early commercial pharmaceutical company and the special requirements that should be evaluated. 

Is your ERP implementation SOX ready?

compliance_sketch.jpg Posted On: October 11, 2016

Most of our customers at AdaptaLogix are public companies, therefore, when we implement NetSuite we have to be constantly thinking about how the processes and solutions will be viewed through the eyes of a SOX audit.  In this blog post we will cover some of the larger implementation requirements you should insist on from your vendor and team. 

AdaptaLogix: Look What We Started

Posted On: April 04, 2016

Welcome the the AdaptaLogix blog.  I’m glad you found us!  This blog will focus on the challenges, changes, best practices and news in the Small Pharma \ Small BioTech industry related to corporate systems.  Today’s post will be self-facing (I promise this is the only one about us….)