April 04, 2016


Welcome the the AdaptaLogix blog.  I’m glad you found us!  This blog will focus on the challenges, changes, best practices and news in the Small Pharma \ Small BioTech industry related to corporate systems.  Today’s post will be self-facing (I promise this is the only one about us….)

AdaptaLogix was started with the purpose of providing consulting services for the Small Pharma \ Small BioTech market around financial and corporate IT systems.  We have deep experience in the following areas; Procure to Pay, Inventory Costing, Revenue Recognition, Payroll / HR, Cash Management, Strategic Planning, Global Consolidations, Global Financial Transactions and General Accounting.

You may be asking yourself, “why do I care?”  The answer is simple – increased ROI, lowered risk and shorter implementation times.  It simply takes us less time and effort to get up to speed than other non-industry groups.  In addition to this fact we bring with us all of the knowledge of how others are achieving what you want to do.  This leads to fewer false starts, less scope creep and a greater realization of the goals of the project (i.e. – lower risk.)

About 10 years ago I started working in the pharma industry implementing solutions for smaller companies which included several pharmas, CROs, a couple sites and a few pre-clinical labs.  I quickly saw this market was completely under-served.  The major software vendors immediately referenced big pharma anytime the industry was discussed.  System limitations like manufacturing and FDA validation were used as very quick ways to eliminate prospective customers as “too difficult” – even if they did not apply to most companies in the space.  I saw quickly that there are some very specific needs in this industry, the lingo was different, there were some complexities but the main problem for most was it took a bit of investment to truly understand.  Working in this industry for the past decade, we’ve gained a deep understanding of these complexities.

Today the landscape of corporate solutions has changed considerably but the vendors who provide the implementation services have not.  There are still very few who understand this industry.  AdaptaLogix does understand and we have customized our processes, delivery model and solutions specifically to fit.

I can speak for my partners when I say how excited we are to start this company.  We have so many people in the industry we consider friends and we hope this will be our chance to make their lives a bit easier.  We have worked with companies that provide so many life-saving and quality-of-life changing products that we can be proud of being involved with.  It’s our hope our knowledge can be used to reduce money spent on corporate solutions while increasing the benefits they provide to organization so more money can go into serving the patients.  Our goal is to be successful but it helps to know we’re really part of the solution!

I look forward to providing helpful information around corporate solutions in the industry in future posts.  If you would like to sign up for our emailing list contact us here.  Thank you again for indulging me, have a great day and I look forward to working with all of you someday soon!


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