A Unique Goal, and Unique Results

The founders of AdaptaLogix recognized the gaps in the functionality of traditional pharma ERP implementation, as well as the challenges biotech startups face. Since we started in 2016, our goal has remained the same: fulfilling the unique needs of the pharma industry.

AdaptaLogix is home to specialists with decades of collective experience in pharma and ERP system implementations. Our centralized focus enables us to develop critical IP that enhances the base NetSuite platform. AdaptaLogix is the only NetSuite provider that focuses on growing pre-revenue and commercial pharma and biotech companies.

Helping Pharma and Biotech companies

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A Commitment to Innovation

With years of experience in pharmaceuticals, accounting, system engineering, development, and administration, the AdaptaLogix founders set out to change the game for biotech and pharma companies. The market lacked dedicated solutions that could meet the needs of a 10-employee pre-clinical company and also be able to scale up to support a commercial organization with hundreds of employees and a large global footprint.

After exercising due diligence in our evaluation of which platform to build on, AdaptaLogix began optimizing NetSuite with industry-specific IP models. As a result of investing years and millions of dollars into development, AdaptaLogix has become the first and only pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device ERP and MRP solutions provider for mid-market and pre-revenue pharma.

ERP and MRP solutions for pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device

Experts in Pharma, Experts in ERP


With decades of experience in the life sciences industry, our team combines industry experience with solution knowledge to deliver reduced risk, increased ROI, and solutions that are simply better.


James Neal

President & Managing Partner

Eugene Kemp

Partner & CTO

Michael McKenzie

Partner, Head of Business Development

Michael Buening

Chief Customer Officer

Rebecca Cangey

Head of Quality

Robin Comerford

Practice Manager

Miesa Eggleton

Head of Project Management Office

Ed Muji

Practice Manager - GMP

Bryce Hall

Support Manager

Julie Miller

Head of Talent Acquisition

Nick Buening

Marketing Director

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