NetSuite Cloud ERP for Pre-Revenue Pharma

Within a year, a pre-revenue pharmaceutical company can experience tremendous growth as they enter phase 2b and phase 3 clinical trials, going from six employees to 60. This growth accelerates further as they add hundreds of employees and exit phase 3 clinical trials toward commercialization.

At the same time, they’re dealing with a dizzying mix of requirements around possible IPO, expansion, being acquired or acquiring someone else, commercialization, and globalization. All these things have the potential to take their attention away from the life-changing drugs or therapies they’re working to deliver.

Picking the right tools to guide the business through such monumental change is one of the most important decisions a pharmaceutical company will make. They need a partner who intimately understands the unique needs of pre-revenue pharmaceutical companies. One who understands how to extend far beyond process efficiencies and ensure compliance.

AdaptaLogix is a boutique ERP implementation and consulting firm devoted exclusively to clinical stage, pre-revenue pharmaceutical companies. With decades of experience in systems implementation and consulting in the pharmaceutical industry, the team understands what companies in this stage of growth need— often better than the companies themselves.

“We know exactly what pre- revenue pharmaceutical companies need at every clinical stage, and Adaptalogix enables them to grow their business and avoid headaches so they can focus on what’s really important.”

- James Neal, Founder, AdaptaLogix

Ensuring robust financials, fast

The first thing pre-revenue pharmaceutical companies need in an ERP system is robust financial functionality that will scale as the business grows. The company will need to automate month-end close, implement the reporting and controls needed to ease and ensure SOX compliance, supplier management, contract management, financial consolidation and planning functionality.

With SuiteSuccess for Pharma, AdaptaLogix implements this base financial functionality in as little as 90 days. The software and services are specifically tailored to meet the needs of pre-revenue pharmaceutical companies based on their current clinical trial phase, and to position the business with the sound financial automation and controls, as well as access to data for analysis, that will set them up strongly for the next stage of growth.

AdaptaLogix has also built out an Approvals module, which gives users portal-based access to view and approve transactions, applicable to both in-house and outsourced manufacturers.

Company Snapshot

Company:  AdaptaLogix

Industry:  Pharma ERP implementation and consulting firm devoted exclusively to clinical stage, pre-revenue pharmaceutical companies

Offices:  Columbus, OH, New York, NY, Philadelphia, PA

Solution:  SuiteSuccess for Pharma

Other Solutions:  FP&A for Pharma, Supply Chain 1, and Supply Chain 2


AdaptaLogix SuiteSuccess for Pharma Financials Bundles

Bundle Functionality for Pharma

Vendor Contract Management

  • Contract approval workflow

  • Contract financials (invoices, amounts, services & accruals)

  • Contract deliverables (dates, terms, docs, etc.)

  • 3PL Integration for sales & trace data

Approval Management

  • Standardized Approvals across entities (e.g. Vendors, Accounts, Departments, Contracts, etc.) and transactions.

  • Employee Portal: Access & view transaction details, attached documents and approval steps. Approve transactions.

  • Approval Dashboard: Review outstanding & overdue approvals and metrics.

  • SOX Compliant: Supports segregation of duty & delegation of authority models.

GL String Validation

  • Entry of transactions limited by GL Account selected

  • Ability to restrict Department, Class and Location to all, none or some group of values dependent on a GL Account range (e.g. accounts 1000–1500 must have a blank department or class, 6000–6999 requires a department and class.)