Get an ERP system completely stacked towards efficiency for biotech organizations

The biotechnology branch of pharma has seen dramatic growth in the last two decades with new technologies being developed to change the lives of millions. For biotech organizations, being able to handle that growth is a key challenge and an ERP system built around scalability and specific compliance capabilities is the right solution.

Custom ERP Solutions Just for Pharma

Key Features

Transfer Orders and Pricing
Other solution partners may relegate your system deployment to the B-team because of a lack of revenue, but the AdaptaLogix team understands the pharma business model and what it requires: implementing industry best practices in your organization’s processes.
Vendor and Materials Onboarding
The AdaptaLogix support team takes pride in swift responses and quality resolutions. We work around-the-clock to provide effective solutions to any questions, issues, or enhancement requests our clients might have. Our ability to work collectively, between support and delivery, sets our superior support team apart in the industry.

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