Find Your Perfect Brew: Trends in Cell and Gene Therapy

Join AdaptaLogix and NetSuite for a discussion around Trends in Cell & Gene Therapy. Hear from industry experts including Dr. Roddy O'Connor, Steve Goden and Audrey Greenberg, as they discuss:

  • The verticalization of Cell & Gene Therapy organizations.
  • The projected growth of the industry.
  • High-level information on the science and platforms behind the business.


The Pharmaceutical Company Lifecycle

Our panel discusses the full lifecycle of a pharmaceutical company from start-up to becoming a global commercial entity. We address the common challenges our clients have experienced and the tools available to smaller pharmaceutical companies that help ease those major pain points.


How to Optimize ERP: Insights from Galera and Nabriva Therapeutics

Many mid-market, clinical stage pharmaceutical and biotech companies make do with a patchwork of entry-level solutions to run their business. But as they grow, those disconnected applications often result in manual work and inconsistent data that can cost time and money. In many cases, small accounting teams mistakenly thought they were too small to need a world-class ERP solution. The reality is that clinical stage pharma cannot afford not to invest in ERP.

This webinar features a discussion with Lauren Piunti of Nabriva Therapeutics PLC and Chris Degnan of Galera Therapeutics. Lauren and Chris both serve as key people in the decision-making process, implementation and day-to-day operations of ERP systems at their respective firms.